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Green Landscaping

Green landscaping is an excellent way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. When green landscaping is discussed, most think they are limited to using only the native, drought tolerant plants available to them. With Cutting EdgeTM Grass, you no longer need to consider what climate you live in, as this grass seed grows exceptionally well in most environments. You also will not have to worry about checking with municipal weed laws – as you would when planting other drought-tolerant plants – because on the surface, Cutting EdgeTM Grass grows like any other grass would, just with a wide array of exceptional benefits.
Green landscaping is not a passing trend, it is a growing need, which will continue to increase in importance. Green building has been shown to reduce health issues, increase productivity and increase market value. In addition, green building reduces costs and saves time.
Once established, Cutting EdgeTM Grass needs virtually no fertilizers, pesticides or watering. It rarely needs to be mowed, decreasing the use of non-renewable resources and improving air quality. The US Environmental Protection Agency notes that “Locally, smog and air toxics can be drastically reduced by the virtual elimination of the need for lawn maintenance equipment which is fueled by gasoline, electricity or batteries. All of these fuel types are associated with the emissions of the following air pollutants: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxide, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and air toxics such as benzene. Gasoline lawn and garden equipment, on average, produces 5% of ozone-forming VOCs in areas with smog problems. This equipment also emits toxics and particulates.
“Regionally, the nitrous oxides and sulfur dioxide released from lawn maintenance equipment react with water in the atmosphere to form acid rain.” The EPA continues further, saying that “Carbon dioxide is a major greenhouse gas and by reducing the use of lawn maintenance equipment, the associated CO2 emissions are also reduced.” They also state that plants with extensive root systems further reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by” taking in CO2 and storing the carbon in the body of the plants, roots and soil.” Plants with extensive root systems “work much better than traditional mowed grass as a carbon sink due to their… increased ability to retain and store water.”
The EPA also warns that pesticides can cause serious health problems and that by reducing or eliminating the use of pesticides and fertilizers, these chemicals will not run off into water systems.
Cutting EdgeTM Grass is an excellent way to build a green landscape, and can even be used in LEED certified building projects. It’s amazing ability to obtain water and grow slowly, reduce the emissions of harmful gases and prevent chemical run-off.
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Common Mistakes We All Make

It’s difficult maintaining a beautiful looking lawn, and we all make mistakes.  Luckily with the new Cutting Edge(TM) Grass Seed, we don’t need to do anything to our lawn.  But in maintaining a standard lawn, these are the most common mistakes we make:

1. Paying for an expensive irrigation system when we know a water ban is inevitable every summer.  Rather than install drought tolerant grass, we continue to hope that this year our lawn will make it through the summer heat.  Cutting Edge(TM) Grass elimates the need for an irrigation system because it needs virtually no water.  Its roots grow up to 48 inches deep and so it pulls water and nutrients from deep within the ground.

2. We assume water is the problem with our dying lawnIn actuality, during high heat, the problem is  Gray-Leaf Spot Disease.  Cutting Edge(TM) Grass is actually Gray-Leaf Spot Resistant, so it is the perfect lawn for high heat diseases.

3. We assume fertilizer and insecticide will cure any issue.  If fertilizer or insecticide is necessary too often, the problem is actually that the soil is out of balance.  Organic fertilizer changes the composition of the soil over time, rather than putting a bandaid on a much larger issue.  With the deep roots, Cutting Edge(TM) Grass needs virtually no fertilizer.  It is also endophyte-enhanced, a naturally-occurring fungus that repels insects, basically eliminating the need for insecticides.

4. We assume that if a spot of lawn hasn’t grown grass, it will never grow grass.  The ph of your soil or poor soil quality may be to blame.  Testing your soil’s ph, adding loam, or using a long rooted grass may help grass to grow.  Cutting Edge(TM) is a highly durable grass that can grow in many areas that standard grass cannot grow.  It is also rhizome-enhanced, meaning that the grass fills in thickly.

5. We assume lawn mower blades can last. 
They actually need to be changed frequently in order to keep the blades sharp, and to avoid spreading any lawn diseases around.  Cutting Edge(TM) grass only needs to be mowed a few times per year, drastically reducing the frequency that blades need to be changed.

With Cutting Edge(TM) Grass, your lawn can be virtually fool proof.  What could be better than a beautiful that despite the harsh weather, poor soil conditions and our mistakes, the grass can still be a beautiful flourishing lawn.

Harsh Summers = Ugly Lawns

Summer is not an easy time for our lawns, and this year was no exception.  The combination of water bans, high heat, and long days means our lawns become dry, yellowed and die.  Each year we suffer through a decreasingly attractive lawn as the summer goes by and we wait until Fall to reseed.  As Fall becomes Winter, a harsh winter and salted roads turns our lawns into mud and again we reseed.  As Spring becomes Summer, the cycle begins again; A constant battle against the weather to keep a green lawn, hoping that this time, we’ll actually be able to enjoy our lawn.

Cutting Edge Grass Seed is the newest in grass seed to help us win that war.  This grass seed needs about a month of watering, to allow the seed to germinate.  After that, it establishes roots long enough that we almost never need to water again, and will hold its’ blue green color throughout the year.  This grass seed grows 4 ft deep roots, and works just like an established oak tree.  It germinates within a few weeks, meaning that it quickly looks like a beautiful lawn, but then it grows slowly, so that over a 4 month time period, I didn’t mow the lawn, and measured it at only 3″ tall.  This grass is the king of grass to end all cycles of seeding and reseeding and overseeding our lawns endlessly.

With cultivars that are highly rated in 2010 NTEP trialsNo Mow, No Water, No Fertilizer, meaning that this seed performs consistently well time and time again in a wide range of circumstances.

Cutting Edge Grass can be purchased at, and a full range of benefits from this grass can be seen there as well.

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